KH Automotive Technologies (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.


Located in Wuxing District of Huzhou City, a famous cultural and scenic city in Zhejiang Province, KH Automobile Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., aka Zhejiang KHAT, is a 11,000 square meter facility, which includes manufacturing and office buildings.  Zhejiang KHAT was co-founded by Prof. Konghui Guo, the first academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in automotive industry, and Mr. Chuan Guo.  At present, there are 220 employees, with 15 invention patents, 4 appearance patents and 9 utility models. The company received capital injection from Legend Star in 2020 and from MI in 2021.

Based on Prof. Guo's technical exploration over 60 years and KHAT's 14 years of entrepreneurial accumulation, Zhejiang KHAT is the first enterprise in China to realize mass production and supply of passenger car air suspension systems. It is also the only enterprise in China that has the abilities of whole process development of passenger car electronic control suspension system and its system supply at the same time. In June 2021, Zhejiang KHAT finished the SOP of air suspension system developed for Voyah FREE, and delivered nearly 10,000 units by the end of 2021.

Zhejiang KHAT can provide system level solutions for our customers, as well as software and hardware of automobile ECS controller, air spring assembly and air pump assembly. The company's core technical competitiveness includes:

    Complete and reliable control algorithm, including electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) system and electronically controlled damper (ECD) system

    Unique system and component development tools, including test equipment and software

    Capabilities of system design, integration, matching, calibration and verification

    capability of hardware and software design and development of controllers

    Capability of design, development and verification of key assemblies and components such as air spring assembly

    Capability of chassis tuning and adjustment for ECS vehicle

    A sound, reliable and cost-effective supply chain system which can provide a full range of software and hardware products

    Production and testing lines with real-time monitoring of key process parameters which have obtained IATF16949 certification

Presently, Zhejiang KHAT has obtained the fixed-point letter for the supply of ECS system and air spring from several mainstream vehicle enterprises.  It is expected to deliver 70000 units in 2022 and more than 400000 units in 2023.

With the mission of "popularizing enjoyable and safe automobile driving", KH Automobile Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is striving to providing cost-effective products and services for our customers in the domestic automobile industry, and is willing to work with vehicle and parts enterprises to start creating an all-win future.